What to Expect

Waco Family Baptist Church


A Member Church of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America since 2016.

A Member Church of the Texas Area Association of Reformed Baptist Churches since 2015.


WFBC Constitution & Bylaws

Christ Centered Bible Saturated Worship
We hold to the Regulative Principle of Worship which means that our worship services only include elements that are found in scripture as true worship.  This means that some practices which may be fine to do any other time (drama, dance, comedy, games, etc) are not to be included in our worship.  This is far from the "worship as entertainment" culture that is so prevalent around us.  We have singing, praying, scripture reading and preaching, and the Lord's table each week in our services. 

Age-Inclusive meetings
We have a strong belief that our children (of all ages) benefit from being in our worship services.  Of first importance is that Christ is present in the worship services and speaks to His people in the preaching of the Word.  Our children also have regular opportunity to see the faith of their parents in their acts of worship.  There is a cry room available, but no nursery.  Our worship services are usually brightened by sounds from the babies.  We enjoy activities together, but do not have children's or youth programs. 

A Confessional Approach
The Bible is the Word of God, and our only certain and infallible rule for faith and practice.  We hold to the 2nd London Baptist Confession as a clear and accurate interpretation of the Bible doctrines which it addresses.

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A Reformed Baptist Congregation in

Waco, TX

Waco Family Baptist Church is a congregation of baptized believers from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds who, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and on the authority of the Scriptures, have joined together in a covenanted relationship to one another.


We seek to honor God and exalt Jesus Christ through private, family, and corporate worship. We seek to build up one another through intentional fellowship. We seek to be actively engaged in disciple-making (evangelism) through all of our relationships and activities.  We seek to be continually shaped to the image of Christ (Semper Reformanda), but that does not mean that we are constantly changing our doctrines and beliefs.  Rather, we seek to be continually reforming to better fit those beliefs and standards from the Bible that our Confession, Catechism, and Creeds highlight as being of greatest import.