Waco Family Baptist Church

Worshipping together Sunday, May 10, 2020 

10:50 am. at the Seventh day Adventist Church building.

We are very pleased that we will be able to meet to worship together this coming Sunday, May 10. We would like to make it very clear to all our members that while we would love to see all of you, we understand that some of you may not yet feel comfortable with being part of a larger group and would rather not join us this Sunday. This is perfectly acceptable. The health and safety of everyone is a major priority as we move forward. To that end we would like to make you all aware of some procedural matters that we hope to observe this Sunday during worship, and we hope that you will all help us to carry these out.

Those of you who are in a high-risk group are encouraged to stay at home. The service will be live streamed for those who decide to remain home. However, the cry room will be reserved for those high- risk people who would like to attend but would prefer to be somewhat isolated from the others.

The service will begin at the usual time of 10:50, but the doors will not be opened until 10:30. Please note that we will not have Sunday School or Lunch Fellowship this week. Also, we will not have nursery during worship this week.

Those of you who would like to wear a mask or gloves are welcome to bring your own masks or gloves. Once you enter the building we will need you to proceed directly to the sanctuary and take your seat. Greetings should be limited to a wave as we must avoid the direct contact that comes with handshakes and hugs. We will have to save “hugging one another’s necks” for a later date. There will be hand sanitizer available and we encourage you to use it albeit with care for the children as it can be an irritant to the eyes or mouth.

In the sanctuary every other row of chairs will be taped off with blue painters tape. We ask that you take a seat in one of the open rows. This may entail sitting in a place other than your habitual abode.

Parents are encouraged to limit the number of visits to the restroom by your children during the service and to accompany them to the restroom to ensure that proper hygienic protocol is observed and that they return directly to their seats in the sanctuary afterward. The water fountains will not be in use, so you may want to bring your own water bottle. Please be reminded that only water is allowed in the sanctuary.

We will be using printed lyric sheets this week rather than our hymnals and ask that you take the sheets with you for reuse or to dispose of later.

The offering will be deposited in an offering tray on the table in the foyer after the service. Envelopes will be available.

Communion will not be observed this week. We hope to have materials in hand by the following week to be able to have communion in a manner that is safe for everyone.

After the service is concluded we ask that you depart the sanctuary in an orderly manner starting from the back and that you leave the building directly.

We sincerely hope that these procedures will help to make our time of worship a safe and healthy one and will deeply appreciate your cooperation.


Your Elders and Deacons,


Todd Gill, Brent Freeman, Glen Terrebonne, Cruz Trevino, Jeff Powers